Weighing / Bagger Machines

With nine models to choose from, the V-LINE offers a complete range of vertical form fill seal packaging machines, including a revolutionary baling machine. This versatility continues with multiple filling and finishing options with speeds up to 100 bags per minute and package weights from 1 gram to 100 pounds.
Taylor Products offers a complete line of ancillary equipment and accessories. This includes flexible auger conveyors, transfer conveyors, printers, valve applicators, and packing tables to complete your packaging automation process.
Valve Bagging Systems and Equipment
Taylor product manufactures a wide range of electronic valve bag packers which can be readily adapted to handle a variety of dry materials. Each model is engineered for easy operation with practical features and construction to perform in typical plant conditions.
Each valve bagging machine has been specifically designed to handle different materials. From seed and plastic pellets to clays and cement adhesives there is a valve bagging machine that can handle your material efficiently.
Open Mouth Bagging Systems and Equipment
Taylor Products manufactures a variety of open mouth bagging solutions. From the economical to the incredibly accurate, we have the right equipment for your application. Our offering includes eleven different models all designed to handle different types of materials with accuracy and efficiency.
Taylor's modular fabrication keeps the equipment reasonable priced, while enabling the production of complex units and systems for specific needs. Options on these machines include stainless steel construction, and the cutting edge T3000 weigh controller.
IBC Series
Taylor's bulk weighing and discharging equipment are engineered for a variety of materials. The IBC Series' modular design allows for complete flexibility, from a free standing manual operation to a fully integrated and automated system.

Hamer Inc. Product Lines

Auromatic Form, Fill & Seal Model 1550 For larger bags from 15 to 50 pound weighments fills and seals up to 35 bags per minute.
Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Model 2040 Capable of handling bag widths of 16 3/4
Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Model 525 For medium size bags from 5 to 25 lbs., forms from center-fold poly roll stock and fills up to 50 packages per minute.
Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Model 820 Capable of handling various products, film thickness and bag sizes.
Automatic Form, Fill and Seal Model 310 For Small packages from 3 lbs. to 10 lbs. at 30 to 34 bags per minute.
Automatic Ring Bag Closer Gathers, ties and seals bags automatically up to 45 bags per minute. It can handle either poly or net bags.
Bale Bag Holder Opens and holds poly, paper, mesh or burlap open mouth and wicketed baler bags. A quick load and release procedure promotes optimum production speed.
Model 125 Portable Bag Closer Available with 16, 17 or 18 gauge wire can close up to 75 bags per minute with 1 to 25 pound weighments.
Model 355 Bagging & Weighing System Automatically dispenses from 20 to 100 pounds of potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, walnuts and similar produce into cartons or paper, mesh, burlap and poly bags.
Model 500 Hot Air Sealer Designed for use with automatic and manual packaging systems. Heat seals polyethylene bags at various speeds.

Among the products of Gekupack® Verpackungstechnik are
· ultrasonic net sealing automates
· net clippers in different executions
· counting machines
· packaging machines for special applications
· conveyor and sorting systems for the completion of the plants
· computerweighers for various areas of applications
· net bag sewing automates
· poly bag sealing automates

Solid machine construction, a high quality standard, experienced service technicians and an extensive stock of spare parts guarantee a high level of availability of the Gekupack® packaging equipment. This as well as our permanent effort to support our customers with advice and help in all packaging matters have led to Gekupack's excellent reputation worldwide.

Through continual development and implementation of new technologies the GK INDUSTRIES GMBH with its Gekupack® division today is in a position, to offer their customers a wide range of innovative and efficient packaging machines for various areas of applications.
As a special advantage for our customers we'd like to point out, that we are not only manufacture and deliver single packaging machines, but, in close co-operation with our partners, we plan, manufacture and deliver packaging solutions and complete plants, exactly tailored to the customers needs.
This may start with the production of the product itself, goes thru conditioning and the packaging process and of course means delivering of the ideal packaging material. By providing all this we cover the steadily growing demand of our customers to have only one qualified partner to get the entirely job done.

Bag Filling Machines :

5GV Net Weigh Bagging Scale CM-780 Net Weigh Bagging Scale GB-JM Series - Gross Weigh Bagging Scales

Conveyors : 4 Bagger Conveyor 600 Series Bag Closing Conveyor 800 Series Bag Closing Conveyor 900 Series Bag Closing Conveyors Bag Positioning Conveyors Bag Transfer Conveyors

Other Products : 1200 Semi-Automatic Palletizing System Digital Conversion Kits Fleximation Bag Hanger Hopper and Support Structures In-Process Bulk Scales Self-Contained Portable Bag Plant

In-Process Bulk Scales
Semi-Automatic Palletizing System
Digital Conversion Kits