Printing/coders, Custom Conveyors & Bagging Equipment

KLR Scan Printer with Rewinder
- universal cassette for easy attachment to Kwik Lok closer
- modified Datamax Printer for printing onto Kwik Lok tag
- post support Lok & Label
- Track Drive Kwik Lok (inside the printer)
- exit rewinder
- this machine can also print onto regular labels (maximum 3 inches wide)

Semi Automatic Counter
KLR Counter 100
- 600 - 720 bags / hour @ 12 per bag
KLR Counter 110 for Produce
-960 - 1100 bags / hour @ 12 per bag
- for counting dinner rolls, bread, fruit, vegetables, etc…
- rount table counter
- adjustable count
- hand bagger or automatic bagger
- Kwik Lok 1003 or 865a automatic closer
- KLR 930 Air Printer for automatic
- round table accumulator

KLR 911 Motion Detector
- for each product we warranty closer roll
- checks to make sure: closure tab is ready for each cycle, ribbon foil advances each cycle, and product is present.
- if no Kwik Lok closure tab is present, no ribbon advance, or no product motion - the result is an alarm or system stop

KLR C FBG 12 - 16 KLR 520 - for packing fruit - 1200 - 3600 bags / hour - KLR conveyor with 6 ft belt (very gentle) - modified tension brush (for tight bag presentation) - 865a Kwik Lok (closer) - round table accumulator

KLR C FB 30 - 12 KLR 510 - for packing general produce - tomato, apple (Kwik Lok with tag) - 1200 - 3600 bags / hour - modified brush tensioner - 865A Kwik Lok closer with tag (will work with mesh bags)

872 "Labelmaster" Automatic Bag Closing Machine

The 872 "LABELMASTER" is a fully automatic bag closing machine that can perform three packaging functions: The machine will CLOSE your bagged packages. The machine can also LABEL your bagged packages with an attractive, custom printed label, and when equipped with an optional printer the Labelmaster will PRINT price, freshness dating. Printers will print information on the label where it is easy for the consumer to see and read information. The Labelmaster's design is one of unrivaled simplicity and functionality; capable of delivering years of dependable operation. The simplicity of design delivers a lower initial cost, low maintenance costs, very low crippled package rate, low maintenance, and low spare parts inventories. The Labelmaster is capable of closing a wide range of varied package sizes and will adapt to most automatic baggers. The unit will close all common plastic film bags, net bags and even paper bags. Typical applications include: Bakery Products, Produce, Packaged Ice, Candy, Snack Foods, Popsicles & Ice Cream Cups, Disposable Dishes & Cups, Bulk Meat Packages, Metal & Plastic Parts. The Labelmaster uses a wide variety of closure sizes for closing film, net and paper bags. Closures are available in seven plastic colors. 872 Labelmaster shown without printer


Squid Ink's Printer has been designed for the 872 Kwik Lok Bag Closing Machines. The Printer provides the packager the ability to close bagged packages and print price/freshness/product traceability codes on their package with one compact and efficient system. The 872 Turbo-Print System incorporates the latest technology in the field of hi-resolution, small character coding. The Printer will provide the packager with quality coding, durability and modularity unlike any printing system on the market today. One ink cartridge will print millions of closures. The 872 Turbo-Print uses no hazardous chemicals and does not require the use of chemicals to dry the ink. Using industry proven shared-well piezo technology, the 872 Turbo-Print offers better print quality than competitive dot-matrix, CIJ or hi-res printing systems