Heat Sealers

The Air-Flo Hot Air Heat Sealer:
bullet Affordable
bullet Continuous Duty
bullet Dependable
bullet Solid State Circuitry
bullet Self-Contained--NO External Air Required
bullet Adjustable Speeds To Match Any Production Needs

The Hot Air Sealer features as a standard a "screw adjusted" heat deck which raises to 52" above the floor to accommodate any size bag.  A 7.5' heavy duty conveyor with bagstand is also standard equipment.  The base is mounted on easy rolling wheels and is anchored with a locking foot brake. 

This 120 volt totally self-contained system incorporates the latest in solid state technology for the most precise temperature control available and is capable of consistent seals on all bag weights, including polymesh bags.

Fischbein-Saxon® 'Hot Air' Sealers

Fischbein-Saxon offers a full range of continuous bag sealing systems that use a unique, proven hot-air sealing technology to close a wide variety of flat polyethylene plastic bags and laminated pouches. Saxon Hot Air Sealers do not require an external air supply. Saxon Hot Air Sealer's compact, versatile design makes them perfect for manual and automated bagging lines. Models are available in standard, stainless steel and wash down versions suitable for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

SSaxon 2 Hot-Air Sealer This compact, versatile bag sealer is designed for low to moderate bagging operations. Saxon 2 features a P.I.D. temperature controller system that provides consistent sealing temperatures and visual temperature readout. This multi-purpose, free-standing unit is mounted on a mobile, height adjustable pedestal or can be incorporated with a light-duty conveyor system.
Saxon SH1000 Hot Air Sealer The new generation Fischbein-Saxon(r) SH1000 Hot Air Sealer represents the most advanced bag sealing technology today. This heavy-duty bag sealer features a compact design, a durable stainless steel housing and variable speed drive up to 89 feet per minute. The enhanced air flow design and high efficiency heat transfer system will seal most PE materials to 10 mil (250 Microns) in thickness.