Air Compressors

UP Series 5-15C HP
Boosting your company's profits was the main goal that Ingersoll-Rand had in mind when it designed the revolutionary UP-Series line of integrated rotary screw air solutions. The UP-Series is more than an integrated air system, it's a complete air solution designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today's business.

UP Series 15-50 HP
Ingersoll-Rand has taken the power of air to a new level with the SSR UP-Series rotary screw air compressor. The SSR UP-Series design was inspired by workplace demands as detailed to us by many hundreds of compressor users. Ingersoll-Rand engineers applied our expertise and world-class technologies to create a new standard of performance and value through design innovations.

These days, many industries require oil-free compressed air in a durable, high quality package. Ingersoll-Rand meets these demands with a family of oilless reciprocating air compressors. And oilless means you won't find one drop of oil in the entire crankcase. Outstanding cooling and precision fit mean that our components provide trouble free performance in demanding conditions even when 24-hour continuous duty is required. Our proven service schedule, with periods of extended maintenance intervals, virtually eliminates downtime

"Built by Professionals for Professionals since 1919!" - CHAMPION has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality Air Compressor systems, parts and service. Their rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal Compressor Systems are in thousands of compressed air applications Worldwide. With over (85) years experience in the design and manufacture of Air Compressor Systems, they know and understand air applications in many different operating environments.

You can depend upon CHAMPION being there today and throughout the years for standard maintenance supplies, whether you need lubricants, filters, dryers, drains or oil/water separators. - Discover CHAMPION Air Compressor Systems and see why they are the correct choice for your day-to-day operation year-in and year-out!

Lubricated Compressors

· R-Series 1-35 HP Splash Lubricated Industrial Compressors available in Single and Two Stage.
· Advantage Series 5-25 HP Splash Lubricated R Series Compressors designed and assembled with the most popular options.
· PL-Series 3-35 HP Pressure Lubricated air compressors. Capable of pressures up to 250 PSI.
· Centurion II Series 5-15 HP 100% Cast Iron Industrial two-stage air compressors.
· Value Plus 3-15 HP 100% Cast Iron single and two-stage air compressor, simple design.
· Command Air 1/2-3 HP Single and two-stage compressors used with Sprinkler Systems.
· A-Series 7.5-40 HP Industrial Air compressor pumps and boosters.
Oil-Less Reciprocating Compressors
· MTO-II 3/4-5 HP Single Stage Oil-less air compressors used in healthcare, laboratories, and instrumental applications.
· V & W Series 5-15 HP Single and Two-Stage air compressors for industrial and institutional facilities.
· Medical Our approach to medical compressor system design is unique. Rather than offering a single, large system, we offer smaller, multiple-compressor units connected to a single air receiver.
Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors
· 5-200 HP Choose from a wide variety of compressors to fit all your needs from part load to full load applications, low purchase price to the greatest in energy efficiency, direct or belt driven to direct connected. Check out the RotorChamp compressors by Champion.
· RotorChamp® Air System Compressor Package - with integrated dryer, drain, and 80-gallon receiver.
Non-Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors
· 20-75 HP Water is the natural selection for a environmentally friendly coolant and sealant. Having nearly 2-1/2 times the cooling capacity of oil, the RotorChamp OF capitalizes on the characteristics of water to offer a cooler operation and discharge temperatures. A reverse-osmosis hyperfiltration system purifies entering water to ensure clean, pure and reliable operation. Available from 20 to 75 HP.