Vacuum Pumps

From air motors to vacuum generators, Gast supplies the pneumatic products that leading OEMs rely upon to run their applications smoothly and efficiently.
To learn more about our products, please read the overviews below.

Piston: Built to withstand rugged operating conditions for high-pressure, oilless operation. Includes model numbers that start with 1-7L, 1-7H, 1-5V, PAB/PBB/PCA, and VAB/VBB/VCD.

ROC-R©: Our ROC-R rocking piston line combines piston pump durability with diaphragm pump efficiency, proven outstanding performance and flexibility. Model numbers usually start with LOA/LAA/ROA/RAA/SOA/SAA or XR, where X is a number.

Rotary Vane : Pulsation-free, minimal vibration with long service-free life for oilless or lubricated applications. Includes model numbers starting with a 4 digit numeric sequence (ie - 0323).

Diaphragm : Compact, quiet source of vacuum or pressure. Miniature styles are ideally suited for a variety of light-duty applications. Model numbers usually start with DOA/DAA/MOA/MAA or XD, where X is a number.

Linear : Extremely quiet, highly efficient operation and simple maintenance due to principles of electromagnetic oscillation. Model numbers start with C/SPP/HP.

Regenerative Blowers: For high-volume vacuum or compressed air applications. Several models are available with explosion proof motors for soil vapor extraction applications. Models numbers start with RX, where X is a number.

Air & Gear motors : Rugged and reliable, a broad range of models are available in lubricated and oilless styles. Model numbers start with XAM, where X is a number.

Vacuum Generators: Low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single and mutli-stage designs. Includes model numbers starting with VG.

Tank Units Tanks systems that can be designed to make small pumps do big jobs are a natural extension of the Gast line.

Dry Sprinkler Systems UL2125 Listed oilless piston air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.

Please note - Gast's line of air motors, compressors, and vacuum pumps are designed to be used in the movement of air, and are not suited for use with liquids, combustible gases, or use in combustible environments unless otherwise indicated. The information presented within this website is based on technical data and test results from nominal units. It is believed to be accurate and is offered as an aid in the selection of Gast products. It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability for the intended use and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

R 5 Series Vacuum Pumps

Modular designed Busch R 5 oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are single stage, air-cooled, and direct driven. This oil-recirculating design is one of the simplest and most reliable vacuum pumps available on the world market . These rugged pumps are used in a variety of industries such as packaging and food processing, rubber molding, thermoforming, printed circuit board testing, hospitals, laboratories, robotics, vacuum lamination, printing, and many others.
• Compact, simple design for easy installation and low maintenance
• Air-cooled, requiring no water
• Direct drive, eliminating belts and gears to loosen or wear
• Oil mist eliminator for oil-free exhaust
• Quiet operation

Huckepack Once-Through-Sealing Pumps
The Busch Huckepack Mark 4 vacuum pump is a two-stage, Once-Through-Sealing, rotary vane design. The Mark 4 design allows engineers the flexibility and performance they need for their particular process including the choice of several sealing fluids with different vapor pressures.
The Mark 4 is available in water-cooled (single pass) or radiator-cooled versions. It reaches an end vacuum of 0.5 torr (29.9" Hg), and comes in four sizes, from 113 CFM to 444 CFM.

Coolant temperature control system
• Optional gas ballast in bottom stage to aid in
pumping high boiling compounds
• Graphite PTFE exhaust and bypass valves
• Adjustable sealant metering pump
• Sealant reservoir and optional flushing tank for
different fluids during flushing cycle
• Wide selection of sealing fluids possible

Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
The Busch Dolphin is designed for a wide range of industries and is able to pump gases, vapors and handle entrained liquids. It is designed for continuous operation and has an end pressure of 25 torr (29”Hg). The Dolphin is single stage, compact, direct driven, and cost effective. Eight sizes are available from 20.6 to 271 ACFM pumping speed.

• Compact
• Cost effective
• Single stage
• Oil-free
• Direct driven
• Low maintenance
• Accessories available