AC/DC Gear Reduction Motors

ABM Helical Geared Motors ABM Planetary Geared Motors drive torque up to 6000 Nm drive torque of up to 700 Nm reduction ratios of up to 600 to 1 reduction ratios of up to 12 to 1 shaft height of up to 315 mm particularly rugged, insensitive to torque peaks ABM Shaft Mounted Helical Motors drive torque up to 2500 Nm reduction ratios of up to 250 to 1 normal and hollow shafts

ABM TechLine 3: Right-Angle Geared Motors
ABM Worm Gear Motors ABM Helical Worm Gear Motors drive torque up to 300 Nm drive torque up to 4000 Nm reduction ratios up to 120 to 1 reduction ratios up to 350 to 1 normal and hollow shafts, secondary shafts normal and hollow shaft, secondary shafts

Standard Features


· Gears manufactured from certified steel, heat treated to a case hardness of 58-62 Rockwell C for long gear life
· Finished ground or shaved gear teeth to assure maximum mechanical efficiency (1-1/2% loss/gear stage), minimum noise and heat generation
· High capacity anti-friction bearings for optimum load carrying capacity and long life
· Captured keys on output shafts
· Gearcases are made of high-strength, gray cast iron, SAE Class 30; R27 and smaller are made of high-strength, pressure-cast aluminum
· High cross-section modulus design, with center wall for maximum rigidity
· Center tapped holes on output shafts
· Double output seal design consisting of patented bi-helix inner seal made of Viton® and double-lip Nitrile (Buna-N) outer seal*
· NEMA Design B/C
· Inverter duty
· Connection terminals
· Extremely low motor inertia
· Mark for shipment into Europe
Mounting Configurations
· Foot or flange mounts, foot/flange mounts available on selected sizes
· Suitable for mounting in any position
· Available as a gearmotor or a gear brakemotor

Nord Gear Limited is one of the world's largest manufacturers of speed reducers, gear motors, NEMA motors and brake motors, and variable speed drives. Nord offers inline helical, shaft mounted, right-angle helical bevel and worm reducers. All units available with inverter duty energy efficient motors

. Geared motor with helical gears

Driving loads at precise speeds or at high outputs in total safety requires absolute control of the power transmission. Its performance and reliability have given COMPABLOC a firm foothold in the difficult market for high-efficiency inline gearboxes. Now LEROY-SOMER is launching the new COMPABLOC range.
Helical inline gearmotor
Aluminium gearcase 1/1,6 to 1/160 reduction ratios High reverse efficiency
Helical geared motors with parallel shaft
Slim geared motor - hollow shaft and exclusive taper bushing feature. Available in 6 sizes up to 55 kW. Reduction ratios of 1/4,3 to 1/233 (ratios up to 1/10325 when reducer combined). 97 % efficiency
Worm and wheel geared motor
Versatile, maintenance-free, hollow output shaft geared motor. Available in 6 sizes up to 9 kW.14 reduction ratios 1/5 to 1/100 (up to 2400 with combined gearbox). For industrial applications
Helical and bevel geared motors
High performance geared motors with orthogonal shaft. Available in 7 sizes up to 75 kW. Reduction ratios of 1/5 to 1/125. (Ratios up to 1/10000 when reducer combined
Fractional horsepower helical worm geared motors
Compact assembly Multiposition mounting Reduction ratios from 21:1 to 540:1